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View our 2020 intake National test dates, or click through our calendar below.

NBT Test Dates 2019 

Last Day to Register Online 

Last Day to Pay Fees 

Results Available to Institutions

Results Available to Writers (by 12h00 on date)

11-May 23-Apr 29-Apr 03-Jun 10-Jun
25-May 5-May 13-May 18-Jun 24-Jun
1-Jun 12-May 20-May 24-Jun 01-Jul
2-Jun 12-May 20-May 24-Jun 01-Jul
22-Jun 2-Jun 10-Jun 15-Jul 22-Jul
23-Jun 2-Jun 10-Jun 15-Jul 22-Jul
28-Jun 9-Jun 18-Jun 22-Jul 29-Jul
29-Jun 9-Jun 18-Jun 22-Jul 29-Jul
6-Jul 18-Jun 24-Jun 29-Jul 05-Aug
13-Jul 23-Jun 01-Jul 05-Aug 12-Aug
14-Jul 23-Jun 01-Jul 05-Aug 12-Aug
27-Jul 7-Jul 15-Jul 19-Aug 26-Aug
3-Aug 14-Jul 22-Jul 26-Aug 02-Sep
4-Aug 14-Jul 22-Jul 26-Aug 02-Sep
24-Aug 4-Aug 12-Aug 16-Sep 23-Sep
7-Sep 18-Aug 26-Aug 30-Sep 07-Oct
14-Sep 25-Aug 02-Sep 07-Oct 14-Oct
28-Sep 8-Sep 16-Sep 21-Oct 28-Oct
5-Oct 15-Sep 23-Sep 28-Oct 04-Nov
6-Oct 15-Sep 23-Sep 28-Oct 04-Nov
12-Oct 22-Sep 30-Sep 04-Nov 11-Nov
23-Nov 3-Nov 11-Nov 17-Dec 17-Dec
30-Nov 10-Nov 18-Nov 17-Dec 17-Dec
1-Dec 10-Nov 18-Nov 17-Dec 17-Dec
4-Jan 2020 8-Dec 18-Dec 27-Jan 2020 03-Feb 2020